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Everything happens for a reason...
8 March

I am an obsessive fan of both Alias and LOST! I love them both. They are great shows. God bless J.J. Abrams! I am also a huge fan of Jennifer Garner, she's such an inspiration, and a very good person. Also, a great role model. My favorite band is Coldplay, their songs are so lovely and beautiful. My hobbies are tap dancing, singing, and acting. I am someone who loves movies, they just make me happy. I love animals. My favorite color is purple. I love making icons and I love reading fan-fiction, yet I do not write any. I am a huge Jack/Kate Shipper!
Matha Stewart Garner Fanlisting Sexy Ben Fanlisting Evangeline Lilly Fanlisting

Jack/Kate Fanlisting Adorable: Jennifer Garner's Smile Fanlisting Vivacious>The Official Jennifer Garner Fanlisting 13 Going On 30 Fanlisting

Males that are attractive (lol):
Ben Affleck
Matthew Fox
Ian Somerhalder
Chris Martin
Jake Gyllenhaal
Bradley Cooper
Ben McKenzie

Icon resources:

Jack/Kate is angsty love.

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the beach is love
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the boyfriend is love
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*I've claimed "13 Going On 30" at claim
*I've claimed Jennifer Garner's Hands at claim
*I've claimed the overall score of "13 Going On 30" [Theodore Shapiro] at claim_scores
*I've claimed the overall score of "Wicked" [Stephen Schwartz] at claim_scores
*I've claimed the scene: Kate and Jack eating together at the end of "Everybody Hates Hugo" at lost_claims
*I've claimed the overall score of "LOST" [Michael Giacchino] at claim_scores
*I've claimed the Jack and Kate kissing scene in "What Kate Did" atlost_claims

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Date Created:7-31-04
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My LiveJournal is just a simple one that I tend to rant on a lot! My username is alias_o_holic because I am addicted to Alias! I also love icons and graphics! If only I had a paid account so I could do all those neat things......
Strengths: knowing everything about Alias (and I mean everything!), knowing everything about Lost (and I mean everything!), friendly, dancing, acting natural, kindness, talking
Weaknesses: nerves, worries, laziness, boredom, self-judging, talking (lol)
Special Skills: singing, tapping, knowing everything about Alias and Lost
Weapons: my big ol' hands! lol! Also, my apparent annoyingness...
Random!: I am chlostrophobic and seem to have a mild case of OCD! lol! I love animals....I also love comradery! Just wish I could have it more...hehe! Me like to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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